The electric boiler can be used as a main or auxiliary heat source for residential, business and industrial facilities. It provides central heating like any other type of boilers with the exception that it does not burn fossil fuels. Electric boilers are expecially convenient for places that lack central heating or gas infrastructure. With an immediate connection to the electric power supply they become a primary source of heat using electrical energy.

Electric boilers have a large quantity of advantages such as:

– Security
– Comfort
– Smaller purchasing costs
– Noiseless work
– Simple user interface
– Easy for maintanace
– Smaller dimensions comparing to other systems
– Environmentally friendly

Power dimensioning for your electric boiler depends on several factors like space area, heat insulation, space orientation and desired temperature. Find the power of your electric boiler using the following calculator:

Households in North Macedonia subject to two-tariff metering for electric energy. The expenses will depend on the the tariff period in which the electric boiler works. For instance if 12 kW electric boiler is being used with a desired room temperature of 23 °C, then its expenses would be estimated as:

Pr = hef * P * Dm
Pr = 4 * 12 * 30
Pr= 1440 kWh

Pr – spent electrical energy by the electric boiler
hef – effective working hour (estimated from long years of experience)
P – power of the electric boiler
Dm – number of days in a month

Depending on the tariff period and the price of electricity the expenses can be calculatet from the above value. The expenses will vary if the effective working hours or desired room temperature is different.

Before the start of a heating season, the following checks should be made:
1. Checking the pressure of the system (The pressure should be in the range of 1.5 bar-1.7 bar. If the pressure is below 1.5 bar, then the system should refilled with water).
2. After pressure check, the pump should be switched on and checked. Sometimes it happens that the pump is jammed due to long inactivity periods, hence a manual unwinding should be done.
3. If equipped with a programmable thermostat, then proper setting should be performed for each day of the week. If the pump is jammed, turn it off immediately, take a screwdriver and unscrew the screw (on the left) of the pump as shown in the figure.

Then with the same screwdriver in the inner part where you took out the screw there is another screw that needs to be rotated one to two rounds (to the right). Once you have done that, return the screw you removed and turn on the pump.
4. After assuring the three previous checks the heaters may be switched on

The electric boiler may be switched on/off with the help of additional device – smartphone thermostat or GSM modem. With its help the device may be switched according to user’s varying schedule. This approach is convenient if the electric boiler is installed at a place without internet.

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