ALES offers complete automation solutions for HVAC systems, from simple and compact solutions for public and business facilities to complex solutions for industrial facilities. Something that sets us apart is having high expertise trained personnel in the field of project design development, control software development (PLC), HMI software development (SCADA) and validation in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Annex 11 and 21 CFR Part 11 standards. Our solutions provide maximum efficiency and superior system performance, as well as a complete validation package for clean rooms for pharmaceutical companies, health care facilities and electronics manufacturing companies. We utilize the V-model methodology in order to make sure for successful automation and validation. This methodoly helps deliver predictable, timely and within budget automation solutions that provide fast return on investment and meets customer requirements. It consists of the following:

Heating, Ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC)

Project Design

  • Functional Specification
    – System Architecture
    – Functionality
    – Data
    – System interfaces
    – System capacity
  • Hardware Design
    – Electrical schematics
    – I/O list
    – List of components
    – List of cables
  • Software Design
    – Control software development (PLC)
    – HMI software development (SCADA)


  • Production and installation of control panels
  • Construction of electrical installations

Comissioning & Validation

  • Comissioning
    – Testing of installed components
    – Testing of I/O signals
    – Testing of system operation
    – Parameter tuning for optimal system operation
    – As Built design
  • Validation
    – Installation Qualification
    – Operational Qualification
    – Performance Qualification


  • Customer training for operating the system
    – Development of operating manuals and Go Live training