Industrial Processes

Automation plays a major role in every industry sector with a purpose of improving product quality, reducing product manufacturing costs and decreasing product manufacturing time. A very important aspect is the ability to provide a high degree of product quality assurance according to predefined specifications and quality leves, which in turn achieves greater cost-effectiveness and regulatory compliance. ALES offers complete automation solutions from design to installation when it comes to industrial systems. This involves planning, system design, PLC programming, visualization and development of SCADA user interface and complete system installation. The project is finalized with complete functional equipment testing, system commissioning, system validation and comprehensive personnel training.

Project Design

  • Functional Specification
    – System Architecture
    – Functionality
    – Data
    – System interfaces
    – System capacity
  • Hardware Design
    – Electrical schematics
    – I/O list
    – Equipment list
    – Cable list
  • Software Design
    – Control software development (PLC)
    – HMI software development (SCADA)


  • Production and installation of control panels
  • Construction of electrical installations

Comissioning & Validation

  • Comissioning
    – Testing of installed components
    – Testing of I/O signals
    – Testing of system operation
    – Parameter tuning for optimal system operation
    – As Built design
  • Validation
    – Installation Qualification
    – Operational Qualification
    – Performance Qualification


  • Customer training for operating the system
    – Development of operating manuals and Go Live training