In 2004, as a result of extensive experience in the electrical industry and many years of cooperation with companies in the mechanical industry, the company decided to expand with a 600m² working plant consisting of a production and warehouse area for manufacturing: 

•Electric boilers for heating of residential and business facilities 
• Electric boilers for heating of industrial facilities 
Electric duct heater for HVAC systems 
Power distribution cabinets for electrical installations 

Our manufacturing processes consist of:

1. Metal sheet processing and preparation (semi-finished product)
• Sheet processing and cutting
• Sheet bending
• Sheet welding
• Electrostatic powder coating

2. Installation and quality control of components (finished product)
• Installation of electrical components
• Installation of mechanical components
• Functionality testing of electrical and mechanical components

From the very beginning, the company is fully focused on the principle of product and service quality as well as highest level of respect towards partners and customers. Despite strong competition, this principle has helped keep the company recognizable in the market.
The company provides trained personnel with the highest degree of competence, expertise and integrity, as well as qualified executives with qualifications in appropriate degrees of work.

Electric boilers

  • Standard
  • On-wall mounted monoblock 
  • On-wall mounted monoblock (with additional space for manifolds)
  • In-wall mounted monoblock (with additional space for manifolds)
  • 36 – 250 kW


  • Programmable thermostat
  • Smartphone thermostat
  • GSM modem
  • Capillary thermostat

Electric duct heaters

  • Standard tubular duct heaters
  • Finned tubular duct heaters

Electrical enclosures

  • Industrial enclosures
  • Meter enclosures

Boiler heaters

  • 9 kW (3 x 3 kW)