Boiler heaters are used as auxillary heat source in combi boilers with one or two heat exchangers. The heaters are manufactured with a power rating of 9kW however they may be used as 3kW or 6kW as well, depending on boiler size. They contain a control thermostat for switching the heaters, safety thermostat and red indicating light.

Boiler heaters

– Power: 9 kW (3 x 3 kW)
– Voltage: 230 V AC/380 V AC, 50 Hz
– Indicator: red light
– One-pole control thermostat
– Safety thermostat at 110 °C (manual reset)
– Pipe material: stainless steel or copper (optional) 
– Pipe diameter Ø: 8.1 mm
– Flange: 5/4″, brass
– Connection terminals: М4
– Dimension: d = 415 mm (other dimensions according to customer’s order)