The electric boiler can be used as a main or auxiliary heat source for residential, business and industrial facilities. It provides central heating like any other type of boiler with the exception that it does not burn fossil fuels. Electric boilers are expecially convenient for places that lack central heating or gas infrastructure. With an immediate connection to the electric power supply they become a primary source of heat using electrical energy. With the help of additional accessories such as programmable thermostat, smart thermostat, GSM modem and capillary thermostat the customer may choose to heat his home according to his varying schedule. ALES manufactures electric boilers with varying power ratings from 6 kW to 250 kW as well as custom-order electric boilers with greater power ratings or custom dimensions and installation types. Our electric boilers are manufactured according to all applicable european standards. All of the incorporated components are manufactured by reputable domestic and european manufacturers. Our types of manufactured electric boilers are the following:

1. Standard 
2. Monoblock 
5. 36 kW – 250 kW 

Electric boilers



36-250 kW

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